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«You should do AmeriCamp for an experience to change how you see the world! Camp makes you see what is important in life – friendship, learning, having fun, looking after nature – and pulls you away from the materialism we sometimes get too used to. I chose AmeriCamp and encourage others to do so too as they give you a simple and cheap way to achieve the camp dream – and make sure you’re paid fairly for the hard work you spend all summer doing! I’ve worked with people from all other Summer Camp companies, and after comparing experience and pay, they all wished they’d picked AmeriCamp!»

Daniel Churchill, Pequot Sherwood Day Camp

«AmeriCamp gives you life skills and teaches you responsibility. Summer camp is the highlight of most American kids’ year and knowing you’re making their summer enjoyable and fun is a great feeling. The camp experience also helps to build confidence, while making friends along the way. Your knowledge and skills can benefit the campers more than you might think and might, in turn, help your co-counselors to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge for later life. Overall, Camp is a great addition to your CV and will benefit you when applying for a job in the future!»

Louis Bird, Camp Loyaltown

«From the beginning to the very end of my summer experience AmeriCamp were with me all the way. The team is fantastic, especially at the beginning of the process. It can be a bit daunting having to fill out visa forms etc but the staff at AmeriCamp are always just a call away and glad to help. The service they provide is amazing, they make everyone feel as part of a group and that you aren’t going through the process on your own. I spent my summer at Clover Patch Camp, New York working with people with learning and physical disabilities. It was honestly the best experience and I can’t thank AmeriCamp enough. Overall AmeriCamp is a great company and I would recommend them to everyone. See you next summer!»

Natalie Love, Camp Clover Patch

«My summer of 2016 was the best of my life. I have so many memories; from making so many friendship bracelets to going to basketball games as a coach, to running into a bear in the middle of the night: memories that will last a lifetime! With the help of AmeriCamp, I was able to go to Camp Cayuga. It is a summer I will never forget. With the cheapest fees around I was able to save money to travel all over America and do some unforgettable adventure like climbing in Yosemite, see the Grand Canyon, and also a West End show. I would recommend anyone to do a summer camp and definitely recommend going through AmeriCamp.»

Vickki Storr, Camp Cayuga

«Had the best time in the states last Summer! Thank you AmeriCamp for supporting me the whole way, being super-organized and with quick responses. Speaking to others at camp, AmeriCamp is by far the best-paid way to go, too. I spent my summer at Summit Camp, Pennsylvania. It’s an incredible place full of lovely staff and incredible kids with a variety of mental and social difficulties. It had a huge impact on me and I will be returning 2017 with AmeriCamp again; you’d be mad not to give it a go! P.S. Washington DC and Niagara Falls (east coast) and Newport Beach, La Jolla Beach, California (west coast) all hugely recommended!»

Hannah Marshall, Summit Camp

«Best summer of my life and I’ve already confirmed to go back next year because of how amazing it was! I went to Camp Cayuga in Pennsylvania; couldn’t have done any of it without AmeriCamp so I’m grateful for them for everything they have done for me! They helped me out with all my problems and were great with all the information, as well as the camp fair that I attended in Leeds. I got to go around America to some of the best places I will probably ever go to in my life: New York, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas! I can’t wait for summer 2017 already! Thanks, AmeriCamp!»

Joel Rea, Camp Cayuga

«I LOVE this company! I was lucky to find them and I’m extremely lucky to be working for them! Whenever I have needed help, advice or just general guidance they have always been a phone call away. AmeriCamp is not just a company, it’s a family and I am blessed to have such inspirational people as role models. Roll on Summer 2017 for summer number 5!»

Lizzie Haddington, Camp Beber

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